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by ESKA-Team

On Wednesday 05.07 our BA visited an event organized by NEM Ukraine in Kyiv.
Anton Bsnko, one of the NEM council members gave a presentation in Knygarium. The presentation was about efforts of integrating blockchain into government services of Ukraine. For the moment there are two failed cases and one successful. On top of that he told a story of cooperation with Ukrainian Central Election Committee. It was world first example of high level cooperation between government entity. They did a pilot project on counting votes using blockchain. However the partnership did not go beyond the pilot project. The reasons for that sum up to a general problem of implementing innovations into structured environment. The bureaucracy supporting current structure is quite reluctant to implement anything that reduces the need for bureaucracy. While the high level bureaucrats are usually key decision makers to try something out.
Despite this a positive case for SETAM (a blockchain system for auctions of confiscated property) shows that efforts to push the changes for good are not doomed. So there is a hope for future ESKA e-government projects.
Bonus fun fact: it turned out the Knygarium bar accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies as payment method.



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